Visions on Peace

* The deadline for submitting theses has closed.

Did you write you master’s thesis on peace and security issues? If so, you can compete for the thesis prize “VISIONS ON PEACE” and have a chance to win 1000 Euros!

Criteria for participation:

  • The subject of your thesis must be related to peace and security issues – broadly understood to include all issues relevant to peace and security, including but not limited to historical and contemporary conflicts, complex emergencies, (international) security, humanitarian and development aid, peacekeeping and peacebuilding, refugees and IDPs, etc.;
  • You are attending or have attended a Master programme at a Dutch university or at another institution of higher education in the Netherlands;
  • You have completed your thesis between 1 July 2018 and 1 September 2019;
  • Your thesis was awarded a minimum grade of 8;
  • Your thesis is written in correct English or Dutch;
  • It is the first time that you participate in the “Visions on Peace” thesis competition.

Application procedure:

Fill out the Application Form and collect the following documents:

  • A summary in English with a maximum of 1000 words (anonymized)
  • A table of contents (anonymized)
  • The full thesis (anonymized)
  • Proof of sufficient grade (8 or higher)

To ensure that the assessment of the jury is as objective as possible, please do not include any personal details of yourself, your supervisor(s) or your university in the summary, table of contents or the full thesis.

Tip: Make sure to pay sufficient attention to your summary, this is the basis on which the jury makes the first selection!

Your summary should include:

  • The title of your thesis;
  • The research question, the purpose of your research, research method and conclusions;
  • The social and scientific relevance of your thesis.

If the criteria mentioned above are not met, your submission will not be taken into consideration.

Due to the high amount of submissions each year, the jury is unfortunately unable to provide individual feedback on the selection process.

Send your application form and the required documents no later than Friday 27 September 2019 to

The jury will announce the shortlisted theses at the end of November 2019. Those shortlisted will be asked to give a short presentation of their research during the annual symposium of the Dutch Foundation for Peace Studies in December. More information on the annual symposium will follow after summer.


The Dutch Foundation for Peace Studies has awarded the annual Visions on Peace Master Thesis Prize since 2008. It aims to stimulate research into peace and security issues, by (graduated) master students from universities or other institutions of higher education in the Netherlands.

The winner of the Visions on Peace Master Thesis Prize 2018 was:

Chris Vloedbeld
“The end of counterterrorism: The conceivable cost of a societal reflex” (University of Groningen)

The other nominees were:

Laurie Treffers
“(Un)veiled bodies of resistance: How women in the Occupied West Bank village of Budrus oscillate organised and everyday resistance practices against the Israeli occupation since the ending of the Second Intifada in 2005” (Utrecht University)

Tess Knook
Sparks of fire in a frozen conflict: A qualitative field research into the influence of radical Salafi, Chetnik and Ustasha movements on reconcilliation efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina” (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

The Visions on Peace 2017 winner was:

Clara Maciver
“Life on hold: Technology, displacement and war in the 21st century” (Utrecht University)

The Visions on Peace 2016 winner was:

Johannes Chinchilla:
Growing Sustainable Peace: Starting at the Roots?” (University of Amsterdam)
Read his summary here: samenvatting-scriptie-johannes-chinchilla

The Visions on Peace 2015 winner was:

Bareez Majid
In Order Not to Forget” –  A Critical Study of the Iraqi-Kurdish Museum of Amna Suraka” (University of Leiden)
Read her summary here: Summary MA Thesis Bareez Majid.

The winner of 2014 was Nina Bode. In 2013, it was Eveline Wong.